About Us

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Dr Udaya Prasanga is a Bachelor of Ayurvedic medicine and surgery in university of Colombo. In addition to that he has a good experience of acupuncture and pranic healins system and yoga and meditation.Further,in medication he incorperates the knowledge gained in following the decipline "Functional foods and Nutraceuticals"of his MSc degree program in food science and Technology offered by one of the highest ranking universities of PERADENIYA in sri lanka,



  • To give the service of a doctor who has not only the ancestral medical experience,but also the knowledge gained by well recogniziged medical university bodies.

Our Treating Place

OSHADANI wedagedara  is located close to the share, base of the historical Rumassala mountain which is a peaceful environment in Southern costal area 150Km away from Katunayake and 5km from Galle town.

Our Service

  • Ayurvedic health clinic
  • Ayurvedic Education oppounitis
  • yoga and meditation



  1. Herbal medicinal oil are used for all therapies.
  2. Herbal oil are individualized according to body constitution.
  3. you can get the opportunity to discuss your heath problems with me and I explain you about Allopathic and Naturopathic medicine.
  4. Free consultation regarding your body constitution.
  5. Make our maximum effort to recover you from all diseases.
  6. we treat for following disease conditions.



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