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Two types of packages are introduced by Ayurveda Sri Lanka.

Wellness package

Two week

DiseaseMedical Chargeconsulting chargeAccommodation & Food


Unawatuna - Sri Lanka

Prostate gland englargement


Back pain







varicose vein


Bronchial Asthma


parkinsons disease


Leech treatment


Multiple sclerosis


our service

1.Ayurvedic health clinic

2.Ayurvedic educational opportunities and meditation section

                      Ayurvedic educational opportunities

1.Basic Ayurvedic theory

               Duration-minimam 8hour

                        fees €

 2.Ayurvedic Medcine

    Duration-3day(4hour per day)

     fees €

3.Ayurveda for General life

     Duration-3day.(4hour per day)

      fees €

4.herbal plant indentification

   Duration-3day(4hour per day)

     fees €

5.Herbal plant use for medcine

   Duration-2day(4hour per day)

   fees €

6.Leech treatment course

   Duration-2day(4hour per day)

    fees €

7.Ayurvedic oil preparation course


     fees €


Ayurvedic spa

    Following short day treatments are done by our Ayurvedic spa

    Treatment Time
    Synchronal body therapy 45 Minute
    Sarvangadhara therapy 45 Minute
    Neck and shoulder therapy 45 Minute
    Intensive body therapy 45 Minute
    Head therapy 45 Minute
    Body therapy 45 Minute
    Face therapy 45 Minute
    Joint therapy 30 Minute
    Special back therapy 45 Minute
    Facial cosmetic 30 Minute
    Herbal inhalation 30 Minute
    Herbal hot pack therapy 60 Minute
    Herbal bath 45 Minute
    Shirodhara 30 Minute
    Kati wasthe 30 Minute
    Shiro wasthe 30 Minute
    Pichu 30 Minute
    Vamana (Emesis therapy) Therapeutic Form
    Virechana (purgation therapy) Therapeutic Form
    Vasthi (enma) Therapeutic Form
    Nasya (nasal insufflations) Therapeutic Form

    our wellness packages are mentioned below and we can prepare packages according to your preference by sending your requirements to us.

    “ Rejva” package

    The objective of this package is to remove toxic substances inside the body and add chemical rejuvenation quality to the body. This is a suitable bio purification treatments for elders as well as young's,
    Things included in treatment plan are mentioned below.
    Health condition of tourist (pacient) will be examined be for start each package

    Panchakarma package 14-21day  €1050
    Executive's and IT professional's package 7day €980 Therapeutic Form
    Purification therapy (shodhana chikithsa) 15-21day €1190 Therapeutic Form
    Stress Management package 3day € Therapeutic Form
    Natural weight loss (slimming program) therapy 15-21day €1430 Therapeutic Form
    Back pain treatment 21day €1540 Therapeutic Form
    Cervical spondylosis 15-21day €1377 Therapeutic Form
    Panchakarma-basic 5day  Eur 200


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